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Agency: We Are Social NYC

Art Direction & Design

I designed and ideated content for Paramount Network and We Are Social's Collaborative bi-weekly newsroom meetings. The results were published on Paramount Network's Social Channels.


Karate KiD

This Instagram Story was created to promote the showing of Karate Kid on Paramount Network, in time for the 35th Anniversary of the movie. The story was made to be interactive so that viewers could tap to block punches and learn valuable lessons from Mr. Miyagi.


Play along here.

JOn Taffer as the Night King

This short video promo was created for Paramount Network's Bar Rescue to tie it in with the Game of Thrones final season. 

Heather's Lunchroom Game

This Instagram Story was created to promote Paramount Network's Show "Heathers." Viewers would be able to tap and hold to get their lunchroom table assignments. 
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